The Book of Ashima

The Second Coming

Verse 1 - Asherah Goddess
Verse 2 - Genesis
Verse 3 - Birth
Verse 4 - Family
Verse 5 - Journey
Verse 6 - Dido
Verse 7 - Miracle
Verse 8 - Priestess
Verse 9 - Children
Verse 10 - Emim
Verse 11 - Rebirth
Verse12 - Revelations
Verse 13 - Initiation
Verse 14 - Priests
Verse 15 - Mountains
Verse 16 - Adam
Verse 17 - Carmel
Verse 18 - Shrine
Verse 19 - Satan
Verse 20 - Earthbound
Verse 21 - Soldiers
Verse 22 - Loneliness
Verse 23 - Hidden
Verse 24 - Twins
Verse 25 - Hate
Verse 26 - Azazel
Verse 27 - Funeral
Verse 28 - Love
Verse 29 - The Second Coming
Verse 30 - The Law

Verse 29
The Second Coming

Jehovah God soon regreted what He had done to His beloved Ashima. For hundreds of years He was tormented by guilt. And He decided then to make up for His sins of thousands of years, and to in turn forgive the human kind for all its sins. And He stepped down to Earth then, like Ashima reborn in human form, in the form of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary. And He made many miracles then, just like Ashima had done. And He gathered disciples to spread His new message - a message that was not only for the Hebrews anymore, but all peoples. From now on, every human would be of His people. And His message was changed now. He had learned from His mistakes of the past. He knew now that Asherah Goddess had been right. And He said to the people of people of Jerusalem to turn the other cheek. And to forgive, and to strive for peace and not for vengeance. And to treat others the way that the person wanted to be treated itself. It was a new faith of Peace. And Jehovah decided to die then in His human form, just as He Himself had taken the human life of Ashima. He was to die now for His own past sins. But also for the sins of all humans, and make them free of all guilt. And He died there on the Cross. But His discipled had all denied Him then. And therefore, on the third day He was resurrected from the dead in the form of a spirit. And He came back to His disciples then to show them that He was truly divine, to make sure that they would truly follow His new message - the message which was in much also the message of Asherah. Indeed, He was the Father of the new faith, but Asherah was truly the Mother. And then He once again descended into Heaven.

But it did not go as Jehovah God has planned. His new teaching of tolerance and peace was within just a few years distorted. It is true that some of those who wrote about His teachings, such as Thomas, were accurate in many ways. But it was not these texts that the leaders of the new faith chose as their canon. Instead, Christianity, as they called it, became a teaching of dogms, hierachies, war, harshness, intolerance and oppression - a patriarchial teaching and a teaching where the rules were set by the wealthy and the powerful - it was the very opposite of what Jehovah God had now intented. And He was disappointed once again on mankind, and lost all hope of their inner goodness. If not even He could make them listen to teachings of peace and freedom, then no one could He reasoned then.

And He came to conclude, that He had been right all along - that the only language that the humans understands, were the Laws of punishment, redemption and clear rules. They only understood the rules of violence and hierarchy. It was the only way to contain them and to prevent them from destroying each other and from creating chaos. And so He spoke to the humans once more. It was in Mekkah, to the Prophet Mohammed. Through His Arch Angel Gabriel He spoke to Mohammed clear rules that the humans now must follow. He told Mohammed that His people now must submit to His will and His new, harsh rules, or else they will all be detroyed. And He told Mohammed to spread His message across the world, this time with the sword and with raw force. And so was also done. And every trace of the female power was washed away and once more the faith of Jehovah was a faith of men and patriarchs. But even the Muslims - the Subordinate to His will - ultimately failed Him in spreading His word across the world and in upholding His Law.

And so, Jehovah turned His back then upon the entire mankind. He left them on their own. He did not care about them anymore. He had promised them to once again return in His human form to save them. But now He was not anymore sure that He would. He reasoned now, that if the humans wanted to turn the back on Him and misinterpret and destroy His teaching for their own petty gain, why should He then try anymore to do good for them, those unthankful beings. And the human turned to science and enlighthenment to explain the ways of the world. And money became the new religion. All the while as the the followers of the distorted faiths of Jehovah - the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims - fought each other and killed each other over who had understood Him right. And many hundresds of new sects and cults grew from His old teachings, some more in line with His teachings than others, but no one did truly understand. For all the while, the humans continued to worship that what is superficial and passing, while they despise the gifts that the Gods has given to us - Love, Faith, Family and the beauty of Nature itself, and destroying the planet that had raised them in their greed, killing Life itself. The human did not become less cruel, but the opposite - they became only worse and worse. This is why He turned His back to them, and left humankind to take the consequences of their selfish actions and destruction, and slowly perish and die out.    

But nothing that has been can ever not be. And Asherah Goddess is still alive. Her human form was exterminated. But Her spirit lived on. Ashima lives among us still. She hears us. She watches over us, and She cries. She cries for what we do to that what she loves most - what we do to Life. She speaks to us, but oh so few cares to listen. And She cannot help us. She cannot make things right, unless we care to listen to Her teachings, and really want to understand them and start to follow what they tell us. If we do not, we are surely doomed to vanquish. And we will truly be alone. But if we decide to listen to the message that She speaks to us, if we deeply sincerely want to, if every human grows a pure heart free of greed and hate, but full of love, then one day, She will return. Ashima will be reborn again as human on that day. And she will aid us in restoring Paradise on Earth. And never more will we then have to be afraid. Never more will we be alone. For Asherah is indeed Sophia - the ultimate Wisdom.

The Book of Ashima