The Book of Ashima


Verse 1 - Asherah Goddess
Verse 2 - Genesis
Verse 3 - Birth
Verse 4 - Family
Verse 5 - Journey
Verse 6 - Dido
Verse 7 - Miracle
Verse 8 - Priestess
Verse 9 - Children
Verse 10 - Emim
Verse 11 - Rebirth
Verse12 - Revelations
Verse 13 - Initiation
Verse 14 - Priests
Verse 15 - Mountains
Verse 16 - Adam
Verse 17 - Carmel
Verse 18 - Shrine
Verse 19 - Satan
Verse 20 - Earthbound
Verse 21 - Soldiers
Verse 22 - Loneliness
Verse 23 - Hidden
Verse 24 - Twins
Verse 25 - Hate
Verse 26 - Azazel
Verse 27 - Funeral
Verse 28 - Love
Verse 29 - The Second Coming
Verse 30 - The Law

Verse 18

Ashima and Her best friends of the Temple, Zada and Abella, had by the Priestess Isebel been given each one seed of an oak tree. And with the Life Force alone, they had made them grow. And they were to parent and nurture and care for these trees. For the tree is a symbol of Life and of Asherah Goddess - it is indeed called the Asherah Pole. It is the symbol of Her dark side - of the soft and the warm. The Dark Power is as powerful and good as the bright Power of Heaven. And it is the Power of Life and growth. They had learned to bring forth olives and grapes from branches and stalks. They had learned how to make them ripen, and to fill the barrels with water.

A long time went by. Tiglath-Pileser had taken Damascus and much of the land of Israel. But in Hama, the trees of the three young Priestesses grew. And Ashima were now to plant the trees by the inn of Dido. For Dido was there to build a shrine - a Terebinth - to Asherah Goddess, to increase her business. And an altar was built by Haniel there, in shining white, and upon it was carved a White Dove. And even though Ashima herself did not care for money and gain, she knew that it was important for Dido, and so she decided to help. Indeed, the Goddess did all she could to help her loved ones. And Zada and Abella did also want to plant their trees by the inn - by the side of the tree of Ashima. And they planted their trees in a bow around the altar. This was now a sacred place - a place of the Goddess.

Many months were passing. Ashima's fame had spread well beyond Hama now. And everywhere she went in the city, people were gatering around her, begging for her help. While the followers of Jehovah, who were growing more and more in numbers, hated her and wished her harm. And something terrible happened then. In the morning as they woke up they saw that the trees had fallen. They had been cut down in the darkness of the night. Those who had done it were no more. The nephilim demons - the siblings of Adam - had consumed them all. They had tried to stop those men from cutting down the trees. They had been terrified. They had begged for they lives. But no one had been spared. But it had been too late then to save the trees. The giant trees were dead. And Jehovah had been there with those who cut down the trees. For it was his priests who had cut them down. But when the demons had hunted the priests, Jehovah had left. For Jehovah wanted Ashima to be blamed for the death of the priests. His intention was that His other priests would think Ashima to be cruel and hate her even more.

The Book of Ashima