The Book of Ashima


Verse 1 - Asherah Goddess
Verse 2 - Genesis
Verse 3 - Birth
Verse 4 - Family
Verse 5 - Journey
Verse 6 - Dido
Verse 7 - Miracle
Verse 8 - Priestess
Verse 9 - Children
Verse 10 - Emim
Verse 11 - Rebirth
Verse12 - Revelations
Verse 13 - Initiation
Verse 14 - Priests
Verse 15 - Mountains
Verse 16 - Adam
Verse 17 - Carmel
Verse 18 - Shrine
Verse 19 - Satan
Verse 20 - Earthbound
Verse 21 - Soldiers
Verse 22 - Loneliness
Verse 23 - Hidden
Verse 24 - Twins
Verse 25 - Hate
Verse 26 - Azazel
Verse 27 - Funeral
Verse 28 - Love
Verse 29 - The Second Coming
Verse 30 - The Law

Verse 6

Haniel and Ashima arrived at a small village in Syria. They went to the inn by the little village square. The inn was very ragged. At the inn a young woman worked. She was the only one who worked there. Her name was Dido. And she served them food. And Haniel found her very beautiful. And so did she find him.
After eating, Haniel carried sleepy Ashima to the bed in her room. He then went back down to Dido. And they talked for a long time. And they fell in love. And they made love.
In the morning when they had all woken up, four soldiers entered the inn. They were evil. Dido had to serve them food. But the soldiers wanted to rape her. But Ashima, who was watching, hiding in the kitchen, knew that she could heal the soldiers, like she had done before. She knew that she could take their evil away. And she opened her heart and sent out to them her loving energy. And it worked indeed. The soldiers all began to cry. 
But then the raging face of Jehovah appeared before her eyes. He hurt her. He drained her of her energy. And Ashima fell to the floor unconscious. For Jehovah is a violent God. And He is a selfish God, who could not stand Ashima sharing her love with anyone other than Him. In His eyes, she belonged solely to Him. 
And one of the soldiers raised his sword against Dido. And Haniel rushed to save her. And Haniel killed three of the soldiers with his sword. And Dido killed one.
And Haniel and Dido fled the village, for they knew that more soldiers soon would come, and they would hunt them then. And they put Ashima on a donkey. And after half a day, Ashima woke up. And Haniel was very relieved. And they wandered through the desert. 
They came to the city of Hama, in the very heart of the Syrian land. It was a very big city. Tens of thousands of people lived there. There were stones on the main streets, and more houses than Ashima had ever seen before. And the city square was huge. And there was a big market, where hundreds of voices were shouting. It was very overwhelming. And there were inns. Many inns. And they looked for an inn that could need some help and where they perhaps could live and feed in exchange for their work. In five inns by the square they were turned down. But at an inn at a dark street away from the square, they found a small and ragged little inn. There they went in. And they met a man there. A silent and grumpy man. And he said that he could use some help. And they got a small little dark room to share on the upper floor on the inn where they were allowed to live all three.    

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The Book of Ashima